We receive payment through PAYPAL. If you are from the USA or Canada, you can proceed to payment right away, just choose the right shipment option. If you are ordering from outside the USA and Canada, just fill out the form with your correct address, proceed to checkout, but don't pay. We will calculate shipping costs and send the PAYPAL bill to your email address ourselfs. Payment will include delivery/shipping fees. Because we make all of our products on demand, we will start to make your order after we receive the payment. There is leading time for each fingerboard obstacle, starting from 2 days.


We can deliver your order all over the world via Post, including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, and almost all other contries. To find out about your particular address, and to receive the quote (price and delivery time)  please fill in an order form and proceed to checkout, if you are ordering not from the USA and Canada, please don't pay, just proceed to checkout or send your address\order to us via e-mail, so we can check if it is possible to ship there, and how much and how long will it be. The address should be like ZIP CODE, COUNTRY, STATE/REGION, CITY, STREET (in order to check, we don't need your house number), HOUSE NUMBER, APARTMENT NUMBER (last two only mandatories, for completing the order). Prices are usually around 20-35$ for the USA and around 25-40$ for Europe. Delivery time starts around 4-7 days for most places. 


PLEASE NOTE. Due to  COVID -19 international flight shortage, mailing time is uncertain and can take from 1 to 3 months.

Current mailing time is around: USA - 3-8 weeks, Europe 3-7 weeks

Quality control

Before we sent any order, we double check its quality, and quantity of parts, to make sure, that you will receive exactly what you ordered.



All prices include standard packing for international delivery. We pack all items in cardboard boxes with a different type of filling, to minimize chances for the item to be damaged. 

Order acceptance and returns

We make all our obstacles and parks on-demand and define them as services. When you receive your order, you should check the quantity, quality, and other characteristics, and either accept it or not accept it (in that case you will be given a full refund). If you accepted the order, you agreeing that services were provided, and you have no complaints about its quality, or/and quantity, or/and other related characteristics. After you accept the order and find, that something is missing, broken, not working, or have anything else, that can be defined as the unsatisfying quality, we will be able to review the case, and may send a replacement part, or, even a new piece (in that case you will have to send us back an old one), but we will not be able to refund you.


Please note, that due to unprecedented events like COVID-19 pandemic, mailing\shippment delay or package loss might occur, in that case, any refund or order resends might be done only after package official status will be defined as missing. In case, if an unusual delay is happening we initiate an official finding procedure, which can take up to 3 months, if the package will be declared as missing - we can refund you or send you a new item.