Buy fingerboard

Here you can buy a board for a miniature skate, riptape, trucks (in the future), wheels (in the future), other “accessories”, or a complete fingerboard. We make decks ourselves, by pressing a few thin layers (usually 5) of wood (usually maple) in a special form, and then shape and post-process it manually. Every deck is unique and kinda a piece of art. What definitely makes it a piece of art, it is hand-drawn graphics. Each graphics has only 1 copy. Decks are usually 29, 32, or 34 mm wide, or something in between.


We make our fingerboards to be technically right for the purpose of proper finger skating, and one of a kind graphics and shapes made by hand make it truly unique. Combing all that, and you will get fun, productive, and kinda spiritual experience while riding our boards.

How to buy a finger skate?

Choose an item, and add it to the cart, find out more about payment, shipping options, and conditions, and complete the order. After that, we will reach out to you with an invoice (PayPal). When a leading and shipping time will pass, you will receive your unique piece of gear.