Stadium double bench black tile top
Compleate obstacle

Double bench with a black tile top. Have 2 ledges 50 mm wide each.

Perfect for everyday riding and combos. 

The frame is made from natural birch plywood, glued with non-toxic glue. The surface is untreated. Anti-slip resin strips at the bottom.



Length 35 cm (13,8 inch), hight 6 cm (2.4 inch), width 10 cm (4 inch).

Weight: 0,3 kg.

Shipping weight: 1 kg.


Production time 1-3 working days.


Shipping cost:

USA - 19$

Canada - 20$

Europe - from 22$

UK - 20$

Australia - 22$

Fingerboard ramps

Here you can buy fingerboard "ramps" that we make: rails, boxes, benches e.t.c. We can ship it worldwide: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe, and more. When we design our obstacles, we try to make them unique, and useful: something that we personally would like to ride on. All boxes are made of natural birch plywood, glued together with non-toxic glue. All rails made out of metal by hand. We make all parts on-demand, so there is a small leading time for each fingerboard ramp or park, starting from 3 days. To find out more about leading time on the item you like - visit the item’s page.

How to buy fingerboard ramp?

Choose a ramp, rail, or box you like, choose a size and finish, add it to the cart, find out more about payment and shipping options, and complete the order. After that, we will reach out to you to confirm the order. When a leading and shipping time will pass, you will receive your unique, ready-to-ride, fingerboard park piece.