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Fingerboard and obstacles for it

We love fingerboarding, and we want it to be as fun as possible. When we couldn't find parts for our fingerboard park we really wanted, we decided to do it ourselves. Little later fingerboard decks followed. Now you can:


Buy our unique fingerboard obstacles and boards


Make it custom, exactly as you need it.


 Watch reviews on Youtube and Instagram and order your own fingerboard skate park, so you can have all the fun you need, riding it.

Finger skate

Fun and progression in fingerboarding will depend on the quality of a setup you are using (Daa). Proper “miniature skate” should consist of:

  • Deck, made of a few (usually 5) layers of wood (5 plies), glued together and put into a mold to get shaped, and then carved to a suitable form. This deck is usually somewhere between 29 and 35 mm wide and about 90-100 mm long.
  • Metal trucks, which again have almost all the shapes and functional joints of a “big ones”. Best trucks have a single axis. 
  • Rubber-like bushings and pivot cups in trucks, so it can be regulated to be tight or loose, to provide you with a feeling of a real skateboard.
  • Wheels, made from a tough rubber-like material, and have mini bearings in them, again, just like “big ones”.
  • Tape or riptate or griptape, glued to the top of the board, to provide a firm grip between it and your fingers, just like on the skateboard, but with a smooth surface (usually).

The fingerboard is a miniature copy of a skateboard, driven by fingers. Almost as on the big one, tricks can be done on a mini skateboard, and bring quite a lot of fun along the way. Tricks mechanics and types on both big and miniature versions are very alike. For instance, ollie and kickflip (and many other flips) done practically with the same type of moves on a finger skate, as ought to be done on its big brother. In order to have the most fun and progress possible, make sure to get a properly designed and made obstacles, or the whole fingerpark. If one can learn to do the basic trick right, one can have almost as much fun, as on a real skate, with such benefits as safety, compact size, and the possibility to ride almost anywhere, anytime, for everyone.

As you progress in your fingerboarding, you will be able, not just to learn new tricks, but also to develop a unique and creative approach in your riding. In order to do so, one will need properly shaped and made fingerboard, and spare parts for it, as well as finger skate park.

Fingerboarding obstacles and park

We love to fingerboard and tried to design and make our obstacles to be functional, interesting, and special:

  • Our ramps designs have comfortable, thought-through proportions and shapes, based on our riding needs and desires.
  • Many of it has metal rails (you can usually choose between square and round-shaped) with optimal or extended length, cuz there is nothing like grinding or sliding a long, smooth, golden metal rail.
  • Lots of ramps a multi-functional, so you can get from 3 to 20 different obstacles from one, by rearranging its parts.  Here are some examples: 1 2 3.
  • We make our fingerboard parks from eco-friendly materials, process and assemble it by hand, with love.
  • All ramps from more than one piece have how-to-use-right manuals and spare parts included.

Fingerboard park is a miniature copy of a skate park, but it is unique and special at the same time. There are different views on how one should design and build a fingerboard park. We believe that the riding process should be as fun and diverse as possible, therefore all components of a park should not just look good, but also be designed ergonomically useful and multifunctional. Our rails and ledges are a little longer, sometimes lover, or higher (then it’s needed), and all the banks and kickers have optimal angle and length. If that is not enough, or just not that you want, we can make you a custom ramp or park.